Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who's your "Tom Tom"?

Mindset location...I think you all get what I mean now, but what happens if you stray off course a bit into the Falsehood? Who's your "Tom Tom"? Who gets you back on track? Who is there to help you find that good mindset location?

Everyone needs someone; partner, mother, friend, spouse..we all need one or two personal compasses in our lives. Someone not to judge our current direction or location, but someone who will help us program those GPS's in our bodies. Someone who can direct us into a better location if we stray away for awhile.

I have a number of GPS people and each keep me honest in my words. I have people who will question and support me when I start getting into a negative location. Who's your "Tom Tom"?

In order for my Tom Tom's to be effective though, I need to program them. Yes, program them! If you share your plan and direction with your personal GPS people they will know where you are going, why you are going, and when you plan on getting there. Just like a good old GPS should do.

The problem is most of us never share our where, why, or when plan with those we look to so frustration sets in when the path isn't the one we wanted. If you don't them tell how will they ever know?

So, today May 23rd vow to set up your personal GPS people! Share with them where you are going, why you are going there and when you plan on getting there. Help them help you! I guarentee you will be better off and less likely to even travel to Falsehood with them!

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