Friday, May 21, 2010

Location, Location, Location!

If you have ever bought a home or looked for an apartment you will hear the line "Location, location, location". It is one of the criteria you use when you select your dream home. A beautiful home in a shipyard probably isn't a great location, nor is an apartment across town that will double your commute and cost you double just to get to work. There are decisions that are made on the location.

When you look for a place to live long term location is a must. But what is it about that location that makes or breaks a deal? Safety, shorter commute, close to recreational areas, on a lake, no association fees, good neighbors, lack of development or something else that is important to you? We probably each can sit down right now and write down the perfect location for our home.

I bring this up today as there are other decisions each of us make every day where we should also be aware of location, location, location. I heard the phrase "Living in the Falsehood" yesterday and I thought it was such a good reminder that living in the location we want is more than an address. So what is Living in the Falsehood?

Falsehood is that location in of our personal mindset. It cannot be avoided as we all have self doubts and make illogical and unnecessary statements about our abilities, our fears, and our selves. What can be avoided is buying the mindset property here!

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

My brother just got back from an amazing journey to watch the space shuttle take off and on his way back to Seattle from Florida he had to switch planes in Denver. Usually not a big deal in the summer, but this week it was a little different. There was a huge and dangerous thunderstorm brewing in Colorado and the plane he was on had to land first in Colorado Springs before flying very low into Denver.

Once in Denver the airport was shut down due to the weather and he had a choice; wait in the airport and hope the weather cleared up or head to a hotel for a night. You may find this funny but my brother decided to stay at the airport and deal with whatever came to be - just live in the moment. After a few hours the last flight back to Seattle had cancelled and he was faced again with a choice; go to a hotel for 6 hours or spend the night in the airport.

His choice was to spend the night in the airport. Not because he had to, but because he had never done it before and his mindset said "what the heck - I am going to make the best of situation". He found a cozy corner next to a French Cafe and snuggled in for the night; even got a few hours of sleep. He woke up to the smell of fresh baked French goodies and rich coffee. Location, location, location.

Once up he headed to the ticket agent area to see what was available for him to get back home to Seattle. As he was in line waiting he overheard a lady (as our Mother would call her an RB - Rich Bitch) who was living in Falsehood. She was talking very loudly to a grackle of other RB's and here were her Falsehood statements.

1. I told the airline that this is just not appropriate and if they didn't get me on the next flight home I would call the Seattle TV station and tell them what was happening.
2. Now I know what it is like to be homeless and have no place to stay!
3. Why did this have to happen to me?
4. I have no make-up, no shower; it is absolutely terrible how this airline is treating us.

The conversation went on and on and it would have been fun to be there, hand them a tin can, and throw a dime in it!

The point of this there were two mindset locations happening here.

My brother saw the positive side and said what the heck! There were tornado warnings in the area so I choose to be safe, be adventurous, be open, be caring, be nice, and be willing to deal with the situation. Welcome to Positivehood!

The RB on the otherhand went to that mindset location of Falsehood. Why did it happen to me, the airlines should have just flown out, they are treating us like caged dogs..Welcome to Falsehood, maybe more like Negativehood, but every statement is false! This event didn't happen to her, there were thousands of people standed by a thunderstorm! The airlines should not have flown out as it could have been disasterous if the plane had been hit by lightening or thrown about in a torndao. The airlines didn't treat them like caged dogs, they choice to react to a situation and see no good that could come from it.

Tomorrow I will talk about how we each get pulled into our own Falsehood location with negative thoughts and fears, but as you go about the day today live in the Positive, be aware of your personal Falsehood statements (I couldn't, can't, shouldn't, don't), and when you catch yourself using one of those negative words, just stop for a moment and access your location.

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