Sunday, May 16, 2010

United in Strength

Remember how we each need to have a support team around us to fulfill our dreams? Well todays blog is to celebrate such a support team. May 15th is dedicated as a holiday to celebrate Armed Forces Day. A day dedicated in 1949 when all the different armed forces were consolidated under the Department of Defense. May 15, 1950 was the first official Armed Forces Day and now, 61 years later these brave service men and women, remain one of the largest support teams in the world.

You may not agree with the wars, violence, and power, but you surely can agree that without these brave women and men of our nations armed forces we would not be united in strength for the cause of peace and better human condition. My father was a Marine, the Uncles were in the Army, I have a cousin in the Air Force, I have a good friend who was an old coast guarder, and a number of friends in the Navy. Each of these people are outstanding citizens and quality people. Their work ethic and desire to do good is really amazing.

Because I believe in them I support them. So for all the troops out there that support me every day I say thank you. You are united in strength and admired by many.

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