Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten Things I have learned from my Brother

Today, May 17th is not only Norwegian Independence Day, it is also my baby brothers birthday.
I know I posted this morning, but I couldn't let the day go by without letting you all know how blessed I am to have a brother who has taught me so much. Here are a few things I would like to say about him.

Ten things I have learned from my brother.

1. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe it. Steven is someone who will stand up for what he believes in. Many times at great lengths and cost, but he has a strong belief in what is good and right and he stands up for all of it.

2. Never be afraid to change jobs as it will lead you to deeper learning and appreciation for who you are. My brother has worked in a lot of areas from graphics design to software training. Every time he changes jobs it isn't about the money or title, it is about learning, growing and having fun at what you do.

3. Not everyone has to like to fish or watch baseball. My brother doesn't like either, but he is quick to ask me how fishing was or how the Twins are doing. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you can't at least show interest in the people who do.

4. Even if you walk around the same lake every day you can see something different each time. Steven walks around Greenlake in the Seattle area nearly every day and most days 2 or 3 times around. When he does this he sees so much from the seasons changing to just the different people who are also enjoying the day.

5. Always keep your appearance up as you never know when it will lead to a new career. Steven was getting a cup of tea in downtown Seattle when someone noticed his hands. Since that time my brother has been a hand and foot model and done a number of commercials. All from a cup of tea and a quality appearance.

6. Saving money allows you to live a dream life of travel. My brother is one of the best money savers I have ever seen. He lives debt free, drives an old 1986 Saturn, and invests his money into quality investments. Because of this he has traveled the world, literally. As I type he is hanging out in St. Petersburg Florida after seeing the space shuttle take off on Friday.

7. Always send your Christmas Cards the day after Thanksgiving. It never fails that on the Saturday after Thanksgiving I get Steven's Christmas Card. Like clockwork!

8. Keep your friends close and no enemies. People who you do not want to hang out with, let them pass your way. Spend your time on your friends as life is full with a variety of friends.

9. Don't wait to be happy. If you want to do something do it. Don't wait for someone else, or something else, or some time from now. Just be it because it will make you happy.

10. Finally the last thing that I learned from my brother is that your best friend can be a family member - this is my brother. He is my best friend, confidant, and I do not know what I would do most days without talking to him via email or phone. He is a life line that has always been there for me, even in the rough times. He took me in when I needed a place to stay, He fishes with me even though he doesn't like it, and he giggles with me. He is the best brother a person can have and I sincerely do love him. He makes my life better just by being here.

And that, my friends, are ten of the many things I have learned from my baby brother.

Happy Birthday Steven.

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