Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be the 1st to Apologize

How many times have you been in a small argument about something that really means nothing to you? Really..think about it. Maybe the kids got on your nerve as they spilled milk on the counter, or your wife forgot to put the toothpaste away, or your partner forgot to tell you he wrote a check for $200 from the checking account. It happens and many times our first reaction is anger and we say something that is completely out of proportion of the event. Have you ever caught yourself doing this?

I know I have and it makes me stop and think which is worse, the toothpaste on the counter or the angry darts that come from our mouths? I would reckoned to say that the words coming from our mouths probably out weight the little issues that happen in life.

Words are so powerful, body language is so powerful, and anger can be so powerful. What if we harnised that power for positive results rather than negative? The results would be amazing, really they would.

The little things that make us angry would no longer impact us because there would be no anger darts thrown. The situation would resolve from just making an adjustment rather than making everything such a big deal.

The first step to healing the anger darts is to be the first to apologize - sincerely. This does not mean saying sorry - but apologizing. Sorry is inward guilt, apologizing is outward responsibility. Most likely the person who is doing something that annoys you will say "I'm Sorry". It is at that time, with that word, that you have a choice --angry darts or forgiveness.

If the angry darts fly - stop and be the 1st to apologize. There is nothing so bad in the world that anger can solve or control. "I apologize for my reaction" will take all the emotion and power from the issue and help get past whatever the issue is.

Living purposefully is about understanding your responsibility in life..all parts of life. Your personal impact on those around you cannot be overlooked. How you act, talk, and give looks all play a part in somebody else's day. Be aware and when you find yourself in that moment of the straw that broke the camels back; back off and apologize.

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