Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding a Passion you didn't even know existed!

For the most part, many of us go through life happy and satisfied. I mean in general. There are more good days then bad so we consider ourselves happy and satisfied. We all have our bad days, growing up moments, emotions and moods but if we were just to live we would do okay.

For me "okay" just isn't enough. I want passion and purpose in living. It is what I strive for and while trying to not be so driven in everything I do, I have a passion and purpose in living.

The story today is about someone who was doing very well with "Okay" and rarely complained about a job, person, or situation. She was doing "Okay".

Three or four years ago she decided "Okay" wasn't good enough anymore. After some soul searching and want exploration she decided to leave corporate America and start her own Pet Sitting business. Very risky with the economy and other factors, but it was her passion.

From the time she started this business her attitude changed - a lot about her changed. She has gone from someone who wanted to just disappear into the crowd to someone who owns a Harley and isn't afraid to share the noise.

It didn't start with a Harley it started with a Scooter for her business. That turned into needing to get Motorcycle Endorsements, which led to getting a small 250 Yamaha to practice on, to last month finding a Motorcycle to fit her and buy. It ended up being a Harley 883 Sportster - Red with chrome and leather!

No one, including her, would have ever expected this shy introvert lady would find her passion in a Harley, but she has. It is like a new person full of living has come to life. She has confidence and can lead and organize rides like the best of them.

This past weekend she went with a group of ladies from the Women's Shift Kickers Group in Minneapolis to Milwaukee for the Annual "Celebrating Women Riders" event hosted by Harley Davidson. Over 1000 ladies roared their engines into Milwaukee for the 2 day event and she was one of them.

When she got home on Sunday night she came through the door with her leather boots, white T-shirt, blue jeans, leather vest, and a smile on. I could tell immediately she was not only hooked, but she found a passion.

The morale of the story is try new things. Experience new places. Meet new people. Passion isn't always visual, sometimes you have to go outside your box to find it.

So her purpose and passions now are: Taking care of animals of all kinds and organizing/riding trips on the Harley. She found her purpose and passion by not being just "okay" with life! She is living life!

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