Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Unofficial Kickoff of Summer

Memorial Day weekend - The Unofficial Kickoff weekend into summer!

Usually by Memorial Day Minnesotans can say goodbye to snow and cold and hello to warm and sunshine - it is the kickoff to summer. The parties start, grills are going, people gather, fishing is usually very good, trees and flowers are in full bloom and you can officially plant your garden without a real threat of frost.

Ah, summer.

This year was a little different as it seems like summer had already been here for about a month. The weather has been amazing, the fishing pretty darn good, and the grills have been firing up for some time.

So how do we take the energy of the unofficial start and relay it to our lives? Feel the energy! As part of the Four Seasons Coaching approach, summer is the time to renew and grow. It is the time we can personally get the grills going, gather with friends, share our stories, and grow into flowers.

Each of us have the capacity, each of us have the ability, so what we need to find is the energy. We all need our unofficial kickoff to summer.

What has been happening the past few months for you? Have you found a new passion? Maybe met someone pretty special? Reconnected with an old friend? Or maybe you are finding that you have an obligation that needs to be taken care of. What is your energy and where does it come from?

As we enter the season of summer find that energy, tap into it and see where it takes you. Like Memorial Day weekend you may be pleasantly surprised at the ability to move yourself!

Dedication your day to finding your personal unofficial kickoff of your summer!

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