Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Dream fulfilled in 8 seconds

I will tell you what the dream was that was filfilled in 8 seconds at the end of the post, but want to see if you can figure it out. I know at least 1 person will know as he was there to witness this dream.

Remember we I was talking about the field of dream and if you build it they will come? Well it's not so much the final product as the road it takes to get you there.

Some people spend their entire life purposing their dream. They get degrees in amazing fields like engineering, aerospace, physics, education, and law. It is the foundation, the field if you will, of their 8 second dream.

Next they go through countless training exercises that challenge their mind and bodies to ends we cannot imagine. They are thrown into deep swimming pools and spun around in circles for hours, just to have a chance at their 8 second dream. The strong and brave make it through and become one of the few to ever reach this goal. Let's call this the bases with home plate being the goal.

Throughout this there are people they love and know cheering them on from the sidelines. They never want to really play the game but they understand the importance of the game to their spouse, daughters, sons, grandsons, partners, or friends. These fans give up some of themselves ever day and worry every night that this dream of their loved one may not happen or something terrible may happen because of their dream. This is a real possibility as they have seen it a few times in the past 20 years of complete failure of others to reach this dream.

Then there is the hope and trust. The hope and trust these people put into others is mind bending. They put their lives in the hands of 100's of others for these 8 seconds and hope that for as much training they have gone through their support staff has done the same. This would be the scariest part for me. To get so close to fulfilling your dream and to have to hope and trust that the 100's of people that are part of this don't mess it up. Managers and owners of baseball clubs...this is you.

So education, endless training, personal support and trust and hope. Do you know what the 8 second dream that came true was? At 2:30 EST yesterday a crew of six dreamers flew the last flight for the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Steven, my brother was there to witness the take off and he said it took 8 seconds from seeing it to not. A dream of a lifetime for the crew starting with a 8 second dream!

Education, endless training, personal support and trust and hope. What is your 8 second dream and how willing are you to work for it?

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