Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mindset Location

Yesterday I talked about how location is go important when we are looking for a home. Today I want to take that analogy and show you how Mindset Location is just as important.

The phrase "Living in Falsehood", is a good one to use on yourself when you are looking at who you are, what you want, and what your life goals and dreams are. Your mindset location will either get you there or not.

So what is in that neighborhood of Falsehood?

There are two things we all can be assured to do when a situation happens or when we want something or when you are faced with a reality. First our emotions kick in. Good, bad, or ugly - they are emotions and must be listened too. The second thing that happens is the emotions of the heart lead to thoughts of the head. This is usually where Falsehood begins.

The best way to describe this is to give you a real life example of what I mean.

I have a friend who's father recently had a stroke, actually a number of small strokes that landed him in a hospital unable to walk and having trouble using his right side. Scary stuff!

So what emotions do you think Frank went through and is going through? Scared? Anger? Frustration? Fear? All very real feelings that match the situation. These emotions must be embraced in order for Frank to move on. YES, embraced. It's okay to have them, all of them and over time we can hope these emotions can true to excitement, peace, and calm, but for now these are the emotions and they are very real.

Franks Mindset Lcation of Falsehood come from these emotions. If you have ever known someone who has had a serious health issue you can hear them say:

I will never walk again, Why did God do this to me, I should just die, I shouldn't have lifted that heavy box, I can't recover, I am such a failure, I have no quality of life left..the statements go on and on. But are these statements true? Maybe, but maybe not.

Frank may never walk as well as he did before, but maybe he will. Did God really do it to him or is this just a part of living that He wants us to show our strength in? Frank could just 'die', but from what the doctors say that isn't going to happen for a long time. The box was heavy and he had lifted boxes for the past 40 years. Frank can recover and with Physical Therapy and retraining the brain should be able to be nearly as good as he was before. Is Frank really a failure or has life treated him a blow that is going to take some time and energy to get through? Is the quality of life purely based on being able to run a marathon again like Frank use too?

What does it do to you when you read the "I will Never..." statements..pretty hard to get any energy up to work through this. Now Frank has never been a really positive person, so it is even more challenging for him to change his mindset location, but I know he can. The negative mindset of Falsehood is a complete energy drainer. I like to think of it as the toilet bowl effect. It just circles around deeper and deeper, round and round until is just drains the toilet..right!

Okay Frank what if you looked at the statements and brought them into a positive energy "Truehood". What would that feel and look like?

Within the past few months I have heard him say things like: It's going to take some time but I am confident I will be able to walk again! I have met some amazing people at the hospital and think that when I recover I am going to volunteer more and help others through this type of event! I am able to do a lot still and I will continue to work to get myself back on track! Whoa! What kind of energy do those statements produce? It's like watching a good "pick me up" Musical! It's full of truth and energy.

I have no doubt Frank will completely move out of his past Falsehood location and once again be a shining light for himself, his family, and his community. I can say this as the positive attitude is there - he is living in truth. That doesn't mean it he has an easy road ahead, but he does know where that road will take him.

Location, Location, Location!

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