Friday, May 28, 2010

Jig of Joy Day

It's Friday, we all made it! I like to think of it as the "Jig of Joy Day".

Jig of Joy - dance, sing, and be excited for the day. Actually, nearly any day can be a jig of joy day, but mine fall a lot on Fridays.

This saying comes from an old friend of mine, Jeff, who could always see things from a positive light. When things weren't quite right, Jeff was there to remind me that it was a Jig of Joy day. When I had a hard night or a long morning, he reminded me that it was a Jig of Joy day. And we would dance...yes dance. Right there in the hallways of the job we would jig.

For those of you who know me my dancing skills go beyond belief! For those that don't know me, belief here is not a great thing. But I dance, I do the jig of joy dance. It builds energy, lightens the soul, and reminds us that days are to be celebrated, enjoyed, and remembered.

I have many reasons why today is a jig of joy day - the weather is perfect, I have worked very hard this week and got a lot done, I connected with an old friend, I found my purpose in life, I planted a flower garden, I gave love and was loved, and I made every day a jig of joy day and the energy I feel is immense.

Jig of Joy folks! Dance like no one is watching! Jig in the halls, on the bus, in your head, in the driveway, in the shower, with the cats, with the kids, with a stranger. As you do the energy of a thousand people will consume you!

Here's to your personal jig of joy!

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