Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why do people care?

Well my first night alone so as I was cleaning up a bit the TV was on. I was listening to the weather (all good fishing women listen to the weather all the time) and after I fed the kids I started to sweep. All of a sudden I realized that the TV was now showing a popular entertainment show.

I kept sweeping but had to stop and turn the station after about 10 minutes because all they were talking about was Sandra was seen on the streets and her mother in laws reaction and some bachelor lady who was dumped because he said it was all for show not love..on and on..peoples lives were either played out by these reporters or they played it out themselves on this show! WHY DO PEOPLE CARE???

I don't know who this bachelorlady is, but did she really think she would find true love by being on some over rated dating show? Do I really care what some mother in law of a guy who cheated on his wife has to say? NO!

I just don't get it...any of it. If it was any of us and we had someone broadcasting our every move and what people thought of us we would be personally outraged! So why is it okay to listen these shows? What value do they bring? Do we really care so much about hollywood stars that we are willing to listen to gossip of them?

Okay, I know some of you love this stuff, but give them a break. If you and your partner broke up over a terrible situation would you want me to write all about it in the blog. Oh dear...maybe that is my calling! Maybe I should start sharing the dirty secrets I hold, or others around me hold.

It frustrated me to think that we care so much about others mishaps and pain. So, today I would say find the good in people and find the good in yourself. Rise above the gossip and nasty words and be positive.

Okay, time to watch something else...thank goodness for Man vs Wild!

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  1. This is so funny to read this post. I have often thought this about reality tv and the lives of those in Hollywood in general. Don't we all have more important things to do with our time than focus on that?