Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Follow YOUR Star

I am finding that more and more people are searching for a direction these days. The plans and goals they made for themselves have either changed or been put on hold so they wander around wondering what to do.

The answer is follow YOUR star.

We are all like sailors on the seas. We are sailing our boat, our dream, our lives. Think about how sailors made it to their destination. They followed a star. It was their compass and guide.

Sure they run into storms and mishaps. They ran into unexpected events of a mask not working, or a pump going out, but that does not and did not stop them from looking up and following THEIR star. Every night they refocused themselves, adjusted their course, and got back on track --following their star.

Our lives are no different. We have disappointments, storms, and our energy pumps sometimes don't always work. Do we stop every night, look up and find our direction?

What would have happened if a sailor never adjusted the boat? What would happen if a sailor never adjusted their direction? What would happen if a sailor never looked up at night to find their star?

I heard a story on airline pilots the other day that in a typical flight from Los Angeles to New York the pilots have to adjust their direction over 1,000 times. A 6 hour flight and over 1,000 adjustments. The end result is they end up in the right place.

To many times we have busy talk in our heads and people around us are constantly tugging at our map. Adjust! Adjust a lot and when you think you have it right, look up, find YOUR star and follow YOUR star. Adjustments are part of the journey. 1,000 in 6 hours just to fly from LA to New York - adjust!

You know what you want! You know what you desire! You know your passions and direction, so find your star, adjust, refocus on your star and follow YOUR star!

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