Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Living THROUGH the Unexpected

It has been a crazy month of June. It has rained in Minnesota 13 out of the last 15 days when usually the sprinklers are going full force by now; Three young professionals in their mid 50's and early 60's have passed away from strokes and heart attack; all who I either work with or know of; Friends of mine have made remarkable sacrifices for someone they love. A crazy month.

I was reminded yesterday in talking with one of these friends that at times we do not choose our destiny, but we do live WITH the choices. It got me thinking. Living WITH or Living THROUGH?

It may be just a word or two, but what a difference it can make by changing the work "With" to "Through".

I live WITH 6 cats, a dog, amazing friends, a family, and a wonderful person. I live WITH the understanding that my life has a purpose, meaning, value and love. I live WITH the dream of passion, belief, and giving. Permanent fixtures in my life and I am glad to live WITH each an every one of them.

What I don't live WITH and rather live THROUGH are the unexpected moments that come with life. They are not part of my 90 years on this earth, but passing moments in time that I will cherish, yet be glad when they are done.

I live THROUGH 13 out of 15 days of rain, I live through the passing of colleagues and people to young to have died, I live THROUGH my ears ringing, I live THROUGH the unexpected.

It gets down to how we each choose to view our situation and are we going to have it as a permanent value/love/passion of ours or are we going to live THROUGH the unexpected?

If you live WITH it - embrace it and give everything you have to it and own it as your life.

If you live THROUGH it - embrace it as the moment it is, give everything you have to it and know that it is only a point in time in your life and does not own you.

Life is full of unexpected events and most of the time your attitude can predict; if not mold, the outcome. What are you willing to live WITH and what do you need to live THROUGH?

Live THROUGH the unexpected, Live WITH who you are.

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