Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Life gets Out of Hand - create a To-do list!

I know I have written about how 'to-do' list can help us all get things done more efficient and effective, but what do we do when Life gets out of hand? Yes, there may be some planning to get it back into the sane world, but I would like to suggest another option.

This option has less to do about getting anything done and more to do with renew and regenerate.

I received a writing pad from a friend of mine and her note to me was "here is a note pad to write down all of your to-do's this week". It also said, "I have started your first one already."

On the To-Do List she made are six things she thought I needed to do.

1. Stop and Smell the Play-Doh (Yes I love the smell of Play-Doh and have a jar of it in my office at work)

2. Spend 5 minutes day dreaming about fishing

3. Share a cute kitty story with a co-worker

4. Get a snack (Good and Plenty)

5. Recycle something

6. Remember that you make a difference and ARE appreciated!

I have this list handing in my office now as a remember that when life gets out of hand, follow that to-do list first.

I love the fact that someone else knows me well enough to have created such a fabulous list for me and one that I definitely can follow!

What is your "when life gets out of hand To-Do List?

Having one will bring you back to the reality that although there is so much we could all do, sometimes we just need to stop and smell the Play-Doh!

I would love to see your LGOOH To-Do List!

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