Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Begins

I like in Minnesota for a number of reasons, but maybe the biggest one is that I love the changing of the seasons. It is the backbone of my coaching vision as like the seasons, we change, grow, hide, and discover.

Today marks the official first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Today we have over 15 hours of sunlight! 15 hours! Further north they have even more. I love it! I am not a warm weather person, but it is light around 5am and doesn't get dark until 10pm so the days are long and the time seems endless!

15 hours to make a difference! 15 hours to do so many things inside and out! 15 hours to enjoy the colors of the flowers and plants in full bloom! 15 hours to walk, bike, ride, eat ice cream, fish, clean, weed, swim or do whatever you want. 15 hours of light to change your world.

What will you do with the 15 hours of the day? It is here for a few weeks before we start heading down a bit so plan now!

Summer a time to rejuvenate, grow, harvest, and enjoy. Look for the opportunities you have in your life to do just that. Live like Summer!

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