Saturday, June 12, 2010

Remember when?

I had a real eye opener yesterday. Since yesterday around 4pm we have not had Internet! Out router seemed to die after fixing some electrical work. No email, no blog, no checking the balance in the checking account, no searching for where to find a new router, just nothing!

It must have really struck me as I dreamt about what it would be like living 15-20 years ago when there was no such thing as email or online banking or online shopping! Okay, maybe 25-30 years ago.

My first experience on any type of a computer was in the principals office playing "The Oregon Trail". It has that long paper with holes in the side. In college I used them only because the library had their files on a computer so you would search for what you were looking for, write down the number and go and find the book on one of the many shelves.

My first experience with what it means today to have a computer was when I was maybe 30-35 years old. I was a nanny and my boss used a computer while she worked at home. I never used it or had an email account, but I knew they were out there.

My brother got me a job at a large software company in the early 90's and that was my first experience of having email and the Internet.

So...back to the dream last night was that for some reason ( I doubt it was fixing an outlet), there was no Internet, no cell phones, nothing mobile or blue tooth. No one knew what to do! It was a rather funny yet disturbing dream.

People actually had to write checks and balance their checkbooks, no ATMs anywhere to be found. They had to be at home in order to make a phone call, and we were all searching frantically around for the phone books to find a repair man! Sounds crazy, but this was our reality 20 years ago!

My dream ended with me writing a letter to my parents, brother and a lady we met on the Cruise last year from California. I went to mail it and I could only use cash for the stamps!

It was a pretty wild dream, but one that made me think of what will the next 20 years bring? Do kids this day and age have any idea of what a check is or how to balance their account, or write a letter, or get cash from a teller? I think it may be fun to try it some Internet, cell phones, or fancy stuff. Just not between now and the end of this 365 days of positive and purposeful living blog!

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