Saturday, June 26, 2010

Take 1 Tissue. Gentle blow nose.

Take 1 tissue and gently blow nose: Directions on a tissue box.

Open nozzle to desired spray and sweeze trigger:Directions on a spray bottle.

Use quarter size amount, wet hair, bring to lather, rinse: Directions on a shampoo bottle.

I thought it was both interesting and strange that there were actual directions on common items.

Strange because it seems like everyone would know that you take a tissue out of the box to blow your nose. What else whould you do? Or shampoo, what else whould you do?

Interesting because today I wish I had easy Janice instructions. Something like get up, shower, and enjoy the day. Or Once awake, think positive thoughts and make a difference in the world. It really should be that easy!

Maybe if each of us had directions that we knew, and others could read, we would all be able to live in peace. It really should be that easy: take 1 tissue and gently blow your nose.

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