Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who is responsible for your morale?

There are a lot of times when I feel beat up, left out, critical, and negative. For a while I was looking for an answer through other people. Someone else needed to 'fix' my morale issues. It was someone Else's fault that I was negative. It was someone else who did this to me.

It is a complete energy zapper to feel this. Nothing goes right and I become more critical of everything (even the positive side) and spiral quickly to hating everything.

It then occurred to me that my morale is mine to own, NOT someone Else's to fix. It is my perception, my attitude, my beliefs, my values, my negativity that was impacting my morale, not someone doing something to me. I questioned my thoughts of "do others really have that power over me?" The answer was NO. I am the only person who can give away my power, so if I was having a negative feeling it was me giving them power. Power over my involvement, my decisions, my thoughts, my needs.

Once I finally figured this out I began to notice how many people are willing to give up their power to others for really no reason. They call it "my morale is hurt" or "they made me this way". On the contrary - be accountable and responsible for your actions, your words, and your feelings. They are yours to deal with.

Now there are times each of us need help with this and there are friends, colleagues, and others out there willing to listen and clarify. Reach out to them. Today was a morale day for me and reminding myself to own my behaviors, attitudes, and outcomes has ended the day as positive.

Who owns your morale?

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