Friday, June 18, 2010

Wild Day in Minnesota

Thanks to all of you out there that sent me pictures and thoughts about the tornados that touched down in Minnesota last night. It was just a lot of wind in Minneapolis, but if some of you remember when I talked about the drive to my folks place up north, Wadena is where I turn to head due north.

My brother sent me a picture of the Dairy Queen there, a frequent stopping spot on the way there or back. It was weird looking at the picture as usually I stop at the Gas Station or food place right next to it. Problem is those two places are no longer in the picture, just the Dairy Queen! In a matter of 30 seconds it all changed.

Now there were lives lost in these storms so I do not want to make light of the situation, but how weird will it be the next time I head north and see a DQ sitting on a block with nothing else?

At first I was thinking I don't know where this was. From the picture, and the number of DQ's there are in Minnesota, I kept thinking it was on a road I don't normally travel. Then it hit me...Wadena is the town that I head due north from!

Another one hit the gas station about 15 miles from my folks place where I go to grab some sunflower seeds and worms on my route to one of my favorite fishing places. Again, there was death there - the owner. He came to the store to check on his daughter who was holding down the fort while he was to be home celebrating his 58th birthday. He demanded the daughter and the customers in the store to get into the small walk-in freezer and hit, he died, and the place is gone.

I wasn't sure what to write about today until I watched the news and saw all the emails with pictures of Minnesota from my brother and other friends. Today is a clean up day, instant grief day, and looking forward day for so many.

Tonight as I write this I celebrate their strength, their hope, their humility in the face of this event.

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