Monday, March 22, 2010

Women's History Month - March

I can't let March go by without a post on Women's History Month. 2010 is the 30th anniversary of this celebration and the mission this year is to write women back into history.

Did you know that when Women's History Month began in the 80's, fewer then 3% of all books cited a female writer, adventurer, professional, or researcher. Yes, 3%! Now, it is recorded that over 40 million citations in books and work that include areas where women were never talked about; science, math, and art.

I didn't always have an appreciation for this until I started my research for my Masters Degree when I reviewed the historical impact women in the outdoors had. It was very hard to find books written about or by women. That was the late 90's. I stumbled upon a few books, but most women were only mentioned not the object of the book.

This has changed a lot in the past 20 years because of the progress made by our generation of women. Many notable names can be thrown out here, but I would miss so many it would not be good to start.

As we celebrate Women's History Month it would be nice if each of us think about the women in our lives that have made a difference in this world. This does not mean just winning a goal metal or finding a cure for a disease, or being an astronaut, but women who have made a difference for you.

I think of quite a few.

One is an art teacher from Concordia College that to this day still hand draws her Christmas cards and sends one to my brother. She doesn't have to, but she does and it makes a lifetime memory for him.

I think of my mother who even though she is so stubborn and most of the time a little over the top, she inspires me to be more and certainly is a big reason I am where I am. Never quit, never give up and never settle. That is my Mother.

I think of my friends and the amazing things they do: ride motorcycles, care for animals more than I could ever imagine, train systems, write books, raise kids, work in distribution centers, and work with kids with AIDS. Amazing and remarkable women.

Be part of history and thank a female that you know for what they do. Big or small is not the point - being and doing is what makes History!

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