Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jesus was working out at LA Fitness This Morning!

Okay, maybe it wasn't him--but it looked like what I imagine Jesus would have looked like. Others may see a different image, that is okay, but today a man with long hair and a long beard was running on the treadmill and I said "Look Jesus is working out".

It was suppose to be a funny, but than I started asking myself the question what if?

What if Jesus was living here on earth, would he:

1. Eat at McDonald's?
2. Would he work out at a gym?
3. Would he volunteer at the foodshelf?
4. Would he own a computer?
5. Would he be on Facebook?
6. Would he we a CEO or a Carpenter still?
7. Would he live in the city or in a rural town?
8. What kind of car would he drive?
9. Would he even drive a car or just take the bus?
10. Would he have a dog and walk it every day?
11. Would he be your friend?
12. Would he take me fishing, or go with me fishing?

What would Jesus do if he was living here on earth today?

Things that make you think, right.

So what if Jesus was your best friend? What would you do or not do differently?

Something that really makes you think!

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