Thursday, March 18, 2010

Listening for People's Greatness

It was an eight hour event flying from Minneapolis to Phoenix today so I had some time to start reading a new book on coaching. I like reading books on coaching, not so much as training tools, but as a reminder of why I believe in the power on enabling others to be more.

One of the lines in the first chapter that I read was “Coaches have the ability of listening for people’s greatness”. Whoa, what a line, listening for people’s greatness. It is there in everyday conversations if we just listen.

I think listening for people’s greatness is an ability of all people, not just those who are coaches. Maybe we don’t think of it this way as to many times we get bogged down in our own conversations going on in our head or the politics of an office, or maybe social stigmas that do not embrace greatness; but people’s greatness is there if we just stop to listen for it.

This week I am once again partaking in a leadership meeting to move areas of work forward. As I was preparing for this, I really was able to see and allow people’s greatness to work. It isn’t me alone anymore! I have support teams and people who get it. I have folks around me that are supportive as well as visionary. I have listened the past few weeks to their personal greatness and I am in awe.

Take the time today to listen for a person’s greatness. It may be at home with your partner, your kids, or a friend. Find the one thing that makes them great. We all have it, so listen for it. If you are at work, look for it. It should not be hard to find as most people bring their best talent into the work arena. Find the greatness in another person. Who knows, you may end up finding your greatness in the process.

Listen for people’s greatness!

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  1. I like that idea of listening for greatness. As I read this I thought of the one I think of as the greatest of all (God). He manifest himself to Moses as a bush. The most powerful Being in the universe can use even a bush as a chosen vessel to make Himself known to a human. Now that makes me smile/laugh...and gives me hope.