Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

Even though I have a terrible cold and my ears have yet to pop from the flights this week, I am enjoying the day. As the weather lady said today is a "wall to wall" sunshine day, and yes it is.

This may not mean a lot to people who live in parts of the country that have wall to wall sunshine most if not all days, but in Minnesota a day like today is something special.

It seems like everyone is out washing cars, walking dogs, teaching the kids to ride a bike again, feeding the birds, sweeping out the old dust in the garage; a little sunshine and the people of Minnesota come alive.

It is a day that you wait for all winter and never expect until April, but here it is mid-March and the world is alive.

Let the sun shine in, clean the house, open the windows, feed the birds, breathe in deep and feel alive. It is a wall to wall sunshine day!

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  1. So very true, Janice. The sun is so welcome in this northern state. I was out raking the lawn and moving the bird feeders in hopes the squirrels will stop eating all my seed. My neighbors were out putting up fences, cleaning the garages…we wave and smile. Not only does the sun bring the trees and plants back to life, my neighborhood begins to wake up. Even Pete the dog wants to be outside, and he and I follow the sunshine as it moves around the yard.