Friday, March 26, 2010

And now there are only 4 Kitties in the house

We had to put Dooky down last night. We wanted to see if the Vet had any suggestions to bring the 17 year old back to a healthy kitty, but besides starting water therapy for the kidney failure there wasn't anything more to do. water therapy - like human dialysis - would have prolonged Dooky's life for a few weeks or so, but would not cure her. We were going to bring her home and have the Vet come here tonight, but as we left the Clinic Dooky was very limp in Suzan's arms so we turned the car around and just said our goodbyes.

So, more about Dooky. Her nicknames were "Vent Kitty" as she always was laying on or in front of a heat vent. "The Enforcer" as no matter what happen she felt the need to enforce the rules and most of the time it was the dog that got the whack on the nose. If I stepped on a cats tail, Dooky would find the dog (most of the time not even close to the incident) and whack her on the nose. Elevator Kitty - She loved being held high and slowly lowered to the ground, of course you had to hum a little elevator song with this. My father even did this a few times and I thought it was so cute. One final nickname was Mama as she was always carrying around a baby mouse or toy around in her mouth and meowing galore. It was fun to say "go get baby" and about 10 minutes later she would cry and cry with a baby toy in her mouth. She was also the cat who wanted to be in the middle of any warmth so if two cats were sleeping together she would be moving in and taking the middle as in the picture above.

It will be much quieter in the house without little Dooky. She weight just a bit over 4 pounds in the end and has been through more nasty events in her life before us than any animal deserves, but you always knew when she was hungry or wanted attention and she had a purr machine that was amazingly loud most days. She was blind, didn't seem to hear well, and was missing toes from being a 'fight' kitty prior to Suzan adopting her. She has had a wonderful life under Suzan's care and she will be missed greatly.

We will miss her with all the other cats around as we tried to feed her as much as possible and of course the other cats wanted in!

So March 25th is Dooky day! Here's to you Dooky Doo.

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  1. Dookie was one of my favorites of all the kitties. I loved the fact that, unlike the other cats, she would sit quietly by while I got her food dish ready. The first time I ever spent the night at the house I was freaked by all the crashing and banging going out upstairs. I finally got up the courage to go see if someone had broken in, but it was only Dookie carrying her 'baby' around and howling at it. I also loved how she would sit at the top of the stairs and greet me as I came in.

    Thank you for letting her go. I know it is so hard to do, but it shows how much you guys loved her. You did what was best for her, and, in my experience, it is very painful for us. I, too, will miss her.