Friday, March 19, 2010

A journey of destinations

Good Morning everyone.
It has been a great week again. My team and I are in AZ presenting to my work leadership about how our team of talented individuals can support them. Yesterday was a destination. We accomplished what we came to do and that is shed light on what my team does day in and day out. We shared who we are and with the help of 5 of my team members that are here with me, started building relationships and trust...again a destination.

Today we have another 4 hours of presenting another destination to them, one that will help them lead their teams and hopefully make a lot of people more comfortable in their work as well as knowing they have support...a destination.

My point is that life is a journey and every day we do something for someone or ourselves, we complete one leg of the journey; we arrive at a destination.

This past week I was mapping out a motorcycle ride using a GPS mapping software and it occurred to me that I was mapping destinations, not a journey. Every event, every day is a point in time not the end.

I started to think about how many of us see an event as just that an event, rather than a destination in our journey. So what is our journey?

Well that is really for you to decide for yourself, but it is your final arrival station. For some you may think of this as death is the final chapter, but for me it is just another destination.

The journey for me is how you get to the final destination. My journey can end at anytime as I call my journey living. Living in the moment and every day to make meaningful and lasting impressions of a destination. It is turning every day and every moment into a lifetime memory. That is the journey.

My blog posts are daily destinations into a lifetime memory. I will never forget how or why I wrote every day. Doing a presentation and mixing in some humor is a destination and I love the arrival.

Look for your opportunities today and everyday to arrive at a destination. Your life is the journey, but the destinations along the way is what will make it a lifetime memory.

Enjoy your journey of destinations!

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