Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where do the nights go?

I cannot believe that it is already 8:00pm, where do the nights go?

After work we headed to the Harley dealer for their monthly sale and free brat night. We looked around and waited for our turn at the brat table and I found a nice jacket, some boots, and a helmet. I didn't get any of them as it is near the end of the season and the jacket wasn't quite what I wanted, the boots were a little tight and heavy and the helmet will take 6 months of saving money to get, but still we could get a free brat.

We headed back to the food table to see one lone brat on a bun and the food lady taking everything else away. Dang, they were out of food! No worries, Suzan ate the brat and I looked around a bit more. The night ended with a few purchases on Suzans part so she is set for a while now.

Driving phone it seem to get instantly dark. I find it amazing how dark the skies get as we turn the pages into fall.

When we got home the kids aka cats and dog all were ready to play, sit, meow, and so on. I looked up and it was 8pm! Where did the night go?

Every hour of every day seems to be full of activities and as I sit here with an hour or so to go before bed, I wonder how to get more hours in my day. Not sleeping will not work, not working is not an option (yes I know that this is a double negative), so my only option is to be smarter about how I spend my time.

This is harder then it seems as there is always something pulling us for our time or energy. So, what would happen if every hour we make a conscious decision on how to spend it? Every decide if you want to work, relax, hang out, clean...whatever you like or need to do. There would be no feeling that you didn't have enough time in your day, rather each day would be filled with exactly what you planned to do!

I loved my day today and although I am not certain where all the hours went to, I can sit here tonight and know that I had not only a productive day, but also a positive one.

I worked, I played, I shopped, I hung out, I laughed, I blogged....yes now i know where the day went and where the night goes.

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