Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take the Opportunities that Present themselves!

The past week I have been reading another blog, my brothers. He is in Italy on an Concordia College Alumni Art History Trip with his favorite Art History Professor, Barbara Glasrud.

He wasn't planning on going, in fact he has said NO many times. I remember the first time he mentioned it. In an email he wrote "Wouldn't this be fun--I wish I could take the time off. It's also very expensive!"

For a few months we would talk about it and every time he would end the chat with "It really would be an amazing trip!" Still he thought the time and money were to much. About a month ago, Professor Glasrud wrote him an email and asked him (pleaded with him) to please come that there was so much over there that she wanted to share with him.

It took him around an hour to finally book the trip and commit. How can you say NO to your favorite Professor and someone who has meant so much to you for the past 25 years.

As the time neared there were some concerns with his health that maybe he would not be able to go, but everything has worked out. Worked out very well.

I have been getting a few emails from him and he has done a few blog posts and with every words there is a sense that he knows how special this trip is for him as well as for Barbara. A few days ago he wrote me an email stating that there was a peace about Barbara. "It was like she was sharing everything she could with me (him) like she knew this was the last time she would travel over here and she wanted to make sure she left her passion with someone else".

There have been other comments like this placed throughout his blog and even though there are a dozen or so other travelers with Barbara, there is a sense that the trip is complete because Steven went with. As much as she is giving him, he is giving her a trip to remember as well.

I could not contain my joy when Steven told me he was going. I know what this woman means to him and how much he loves history and traveling. He waits at Christmas for that one special Christmas Card - the hand painted or drawn one from Barbara Glasrud. Every year - a personally drawn card from someone he considers a Saint.

It was all about taking the opportunity that presented itself. Not worrying about money or time, but taking the opportunity because it is what you have to do, what you need to do, what you should do. It is these events, these opportunities that make life worth living. It is these opportunities that move us to understand who we really are. It is these opportunities that create purposeful living!

As he finishes up his trip I can't wait to hear more about his time with her, to see pictures of his adventure, and to see the peace in his heart from the opportunity he took.

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