Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Scariest Bus Ride Ever

What does a double bendy bus and 34 mile an hour wind  with 60 mile an hour gusts mean? The scariest bus ride ever! Minnesota is experiencing one of the worse wind storms in history. It is being compared to the storm that sank the Edmond Fitzgerald in Lake Superior in 1975! It is the second lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in Minnesota and is at the level of hurricanes! In Minnesota!

So, I left work today around 4:30 and as I waited for the bus I was amazed at how the wind sounds blowing through and around the buildings. It seriously sounded like freight trains and 10 pile driving cement machines right down the street. Problem is there was no road construction nor train tracks anywhere near downtown.

As the bus left the stop all was well. The rain was flying sideways, but not a big deal. We see that a lot in snow blizzards. Once we got on the freeway it was a whole different story. The bus began to sway back and forth and the driver slammed on the breaks a number of times to gain control of the bus again.

It was the first time in 7 years of riding the bus that not one person was talking. No bus buddy conversations, only hanging on and starring straight ahead. As the bus moved on the brakes would go on hard as the sway went back to straight on the freeway. As cars passed going 65 the bus driver tried to keep it under control.

As we slowed down for the first stop you could feel the relief of all the riders. There is one bridge to go over from the first stop to the last stop and as I sat in the front I could see the driver take a huge breathe as she knew that the wind would hit hard as we moved from the buildings and tree area to the openness of the bridge. Like expected the bus swayed hard to the right and there were a few gasps from a couple of people. The driver put on the brakes again and got it under control.

When the bus arrived at the Park and Ride everyone thanked the driver for getting us home safe. It was the scariest bus ride ever!

So, what is positive or purposeful about this? Well, I have no idea except to say that sometimes life blows us all off course and we need to put the brakes on to move forward in a safe way. It is a lesson in living. Not every day is going to be sunshine and calm seas, so we must know how to react to the wind, stop talking/whining and get to the destination. Now that is a great learning!

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