Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is that the sun I see?

Okay, I know it is the sun but after quite a few days of not seeing it, one almost forgets what it looks like. Can you feel another analogy coming on? Well here you go.

The past few weeks have been strange. I have felt out of sync with work and life. The barometric pressure drops and I feel it in my bones. It rains and I cannot motivate myself to do anything. The wind blows and I have the quietest bus ride every. I misplace things. I forget to eat (big issue for me). Everything just seems a little off. It is like I get use to this phase/stage and just go with it and all of a sudden every day starts feeling funky, no matter if it is a good or not so good day, it is funky.

I am sure you know what I mean. We have a few funky days and all of a sudden it leads to funky weeks and a funky month. Then all of a sudden something happens and things change. Today it was the sun coming out. We have had a funky few weeks and it seemed like it would never end and then the sun!

It really is like life. I don't know what the sun was yesterday for me, but all of a sudden things became clear again. I remembered what was important and my sun came out. I started making quality decisions. I started to see things in a new way. I begin to feel comfortable again with my complete life. The funk lifted.

We all have funky days, weeks, and even months. Sometimes we can say exactly why and other times we can't. The important part is to understand that the sun will shine again and the funk will lift! You will feel like you are on top of the world and have everything together.

Ah yes, it IS the sun that I see!

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