Monday, October 25, 2010

When is good enough really good enough?

It occurred to me this weekend that I need to start understanding that good enough really is good enough! Nothing major happening, but do you have days when things "aren't too bad" or "are pretty good"? Why is it that we never seem to be satisfied with good enough?

My thoughts are that it goes with putting so much pressure on ourselves, others, our relationships, our work, our lives that we will rarely do things exactly like we want and usually it will be good enough!

I have done a lot of projects in my life including a full 800 square foot home renovation. We started with tearing everything out and then from the floor up recreated the living area. New wood floors, a new kitchen, new stairs, new paint, new furniture and new lighting and electric. I remember saying many times "that isn't good enough it needs to be perfect"! Especially when we were laying the wood floors and patching the ceiling. Others that were the painting experts said "that isn't good enough it has to be perfect". This was, of course, after my attempt at painting a large area.

Other smaller projects have happened since then. Trying my hand as a retail business, finishing a PhD, riding Harley's, vacations, and so forth. It seems like every time someone asks me about one of those events I say "It was pretty good"! What? Really? Just pretty good?

What makes it just pretty good? Every memory, every connection, and every moment was perfect---but I still say "it was good enough".

I guess saying "it was good enough" gives me the right to complain or put judgment on myself or the project. Why? Why isn't good enough really good enough?

If we each spent every day living our lives in the good enough stage I would think we would accomplish more, care more, love more, connect more, and live more than we ever imagined. We just have to get out of our own foolish ways of perfection or judgement and drop the enough out of the statement. It was good! Positive and purposeful.

So when is good really good? Now that is a question I can live with!

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