Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I learned from a 60 Year Old!

Today is my friend Kathy's 60th Birthday. A perfect day to celebrate everything that she has done and is today. Kathy has many faces, literally yesterday, but in reality as well.

In honor of her I would like to share the Top Things I have Learned from Her.

1. Never try and fit anyone else's view of you. You are who you are.
Kathy is Kathy - she holds nothing back and makes no excuses. She cares deeply, questions nearly everything, and lives to learn. She follows her rules and her spirit.

2. Even when others tell you what to do, you must follow your heart. You know how you are and what you are.
Kathy has lived life. She has taken jobs to get by, she has adopted a wonderful kid when others said 'don't do it', she has taken in strange dogs, and she continues to follow her heart.

3. Always remember the places that made you happy when you were younger and make the time to go back there.
Kathy makes the time to go back to the little fishing streams in Colorado, or old mining towns she remembered growing up in..Kathy doesn't dismiss her past rather understands that her past is the reason she is here right now in this place.

4. Always remember to laugh.
Kathy has a cackle of a laugh...can't be heard for miles I bet, but it is real, true and comes from the gut. Kathy laughs at herself, the world around her and a good joke and it makes me smile!

5. Family comes first.
I can't even begin to write all the ways of this learning, but she has given her time, money and energy to make sure her family comes first.

6. Old dogs can learn new tricks!
I remember taking Kathy out fishing a few years back and she kept wanting to use the 7 foot spinning reel like a fly casting pole. After a few cases she got the hang of it and now she is a true Minnesotan and has all the right gear for fishing the lakes and rivers here.

7. And finally, I have learned that new friends are as precious as old.
I have only known Kathy around 5 or so years, but she has become a dear friend. She has opened up her heart and home and created a life.

So, Kathy as you turn 60 today, here's to you. Here's to the learning you provide all of us every day of the year. Here's to your future learning, your future fun, and your future life! Cheers!

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