Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thunder in October?

It has been a strange fall in Minnesota. First we get 4-5 inches of rain and then no rain for 3 weeks only 80 degree temperatures and last night thunder and lightening and more rain.

When you listen to the weather gal on TV she says "this happens every few years when a high pressure takes over the area and it is beautiful for weeks straight".

Last night, while trying to calm the dog down, I started to think about how October was a lot like life. How each of us can have a high pressure over us and it is beautiful. Usually those times happen after a major storm. Maybe a fight or an event that just leaves us down.

After the water goes down from the hurt or overwhelming feelings, the sun appears and we are in the high pressure again. Things are calm and at peace and you spend your days doing exactly what you can and should do. You are one with yourself.

Of course life's high pressures are just like those of nature, they come and go. In between you need to weather the storms. Weather the rain. Weather the lows. This can be hard to do and sometimes the lows last as long as those wonderful high pressures, but remember life changes! You change and you learn how to handle the lows go you can bounce quickly into her personal high pressure.

My personal high pressure surrounds me 95% of the time. I have learned to identify when a low may be coming and logically get myself past it. For me that means slowing down and paying attention. Let go of the little things that do not matter and concentrate on my purpose.

My purpose is not about being negative or fearful but to be positive and purposeful! I weather the storms knowing that I will gain an understanding of the situation that will help shape my high pressures in the future.

Thunder in October? Sure! Why not! Let the low pressure pass, relax, stay calm and create your next high!

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