Friday, July 30, 2010

What is so special about a Float Plane Ride?

I am always amazed to hear people trying new things just because they have always thought about it. Not because they have to or need to, but because they always just wanted to try it.

To many of us run from those little dreams for fear something will happen or we will look like a goofball or a little insane, but really does it matter? What if we do nothing? What if we never leave our comfort zone for just a moment? What happens to us personally?

For me not taking a chance or trying new things makes life boring. It means we are will to just let life happen for us or to us. I have to remind myself that this isn't good enough for me. I usually need a little reminder from others and today I got that reminder.

You see tonight (about right now) my brother is getting ready to head out for a weekend trip to Victoria BC via a Float Plane! We have been there together before on the Ferry like most people do, but for him he has always wanted to take a float plane someplace, so this weekend that little dream comes true.

It reminds me of how boring life can be if we don't just try things once in a while. Some people thought I was a complete goofball for wanting a metal detector...until they went with me and heard the beeps and started digging! There is something about little passions and dream that make life fun.

So, as the weekend approaches dare to dream...not big but small. What is on your list of things to try? Learn French, fly, fly cast, metal detect...your list is probably long. Why not give one a try this weekend. Go outside your comfort zone and feel like a goofball.

Yes, there IS something special about a Float Plane Ride!

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