Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life is a two way street

As of today I have 168 days more to go in writing this blog. As I sit here this morning I started to think about the movie that inspired me to do this. Julie and Julia was a wonderful movie. I now understand how the main character must have felt half way through the goal of cooking all of Julia's recipes as it isn't easy. Life happens. Life is all around you.

One line I remember from the movie is when Julie's partner and her were having an argument and he said "and you better not write about this in your blog"! I now understand that statement as it can be challenging to not write about all my professional or personal "life happens" moments.

I guess what it gets down to is understanding that their are moments in our lives that happen and may not feel so positive or purposeful and that is okay. It's okay for me to not be positive or living with purpose every second of every day. Life does happen and there are meetings or events that are not all that fun to go through.

If you lay in a bed or roses you still know the roses have thorns. Sometimes those thorns poke through, and yes it's okay.

So what I wish for everyone today is that you see your part in your life as well as the part you play in others lives.

All of us have issues, attitudes, and behaviors that are good and bad. Understanding that life is a two way street and professional or personal relationships should be a joint effort in the good and bad really is a good balance. Say your sorry, say I love you, say we can work this out. Hopefully the other person will understand their part in and return the words.

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