Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I must hurry...

I was thinking of this funny one liner today. It goes "I must hurry, for there they go, and I am their leader". I checked and there isn't really one person who seems to have said this first. I thought I remembered it from a Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin line, but whereever or whoever said it first, I enjoy it.

I seem to be running around crazy most days. This month has been crazy. Lots to do at work and at home and I feel like I am watching everyone else run ahead while I am trying to catch up.

Now I don't think this is true, but I do get the feeling that there are so many things happening and people doing so much that it is hard to keep up some days. At work I can handle that feeling as part of being a leader is to allow your teams to run ahead without you stopping them at every turn. I like go getters and appreciate the work they can get done. It excites me and I love watching them in action.

Personally it is a different story. Do you ever feel like you are having an out of body experience and watching your 'people' running ahead and all you can do is watch? It's a crazy feeling and I thought to myself today "I must hurry for I am my leader"! It is like summer is coming to an end, fall is busy, fall fishing is right around the corner, birthdays to celebrate, snow blowers to get serviced...the fall list goes on and on! I must hurry for I am my leader!

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