Monday, July 26, 2010

Remember When?

Every once in a while as I sit and listen to the TV while making dinner something is said that brings me back to years past. I find myself remembering a feeling or event that just brings a smile to my face or a shake of the head.
Today was one of those days and I want to share some memories that I had all because of people who are celebrating birthdays today. Yes, memories from a conversation on famous people with birthdays today!

The first name was Mick Jagger - I remember the first time I heard the song "I can't get no, Satisfaction" - not when it was originally release (I was about 2 years old). When I was about 11 or 12 I got my first portable radio player. It was Red, white and blue and had a one ear plug speaker. I would sit outside on the front steps of the house and listen to music for hours. I remember this song as I had just had some trivial argument with Dad about something I can't even remember, but as I sat there with the ear plug in, this was the song that came on and I remember thinking to myself "You got that right"!

The second person that had a birthday today is Dorothy Hamill. The 1976 Olympics had to be the best ever. The hockey team, the ice skating, and all the other events. I remember seeing Dorothy Hamill do her ice skating presentation and having tears in my eyes at the cheers she received and all the flowers that were thrown on the ice as she completed her Gold Medal performance.

The third person that I knew from the list of names was Sandra Bullock. There has been so many events for this woman the past few years, but the one that made me smile when I thought about her was in Miss Congienality: Armed and Dangerous when she is in the little mini cooper car driving through Vegas with that pink hat thing waving around. It cracks me up just thinking about it.

You see...memories are good. They may be pleasant or not so pleasant, but they are good. They remind you of how you got to be who you are as well as what makes you who you are today. Remember when? Share you story!

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