Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Paper

When I don't have work to do (like this morning)or any other distractions, I love reading the Sunday paper. It is the one time during the week that I can sit and take in all that has happened in the world this week.

Now I wish I could say that I really pay attention to world issues on a daily basis, but I don't. Yes, I know they are out there and yes I do care, but paying attention probably not. On Sunday though I do pay attention. I give my time to learn about what is happening in the world.

One of the things I do with the Sunday paper is look for the good news. I find it like a mini Sunday goal to find the good in people. Some weeks this is extremely hard and I find myself reading the funnies pages just to see someone doing some good in the world. If it's Haggar bringing flowers home or the Family Circus kids playing together, it is good.

I have always wondered what would happen if for one Sunday paper a month the whole paper dedicated itself to words on how people are making a positive difference. A whole paper dedicated to the good in life. Would the attitude of all you read it improve?

It would be an interesting idea. One Sunday dedicated to the good in life, no wars, no anger, no politics, no blame, no killings, no arguments...just positive, healthy and purposeful articles.

I believe that some people would throw a huge fit as they thrive on chaos and others pain. Others thrive on finding and writing stories that invoke fear in others and make them powerful. But I think there would be others that would welcome the change and welcome the idea that there is good in the world. Attitudes could be changed, behaviors could be changed, the world could be changed.

If any of you out there have pull with a large Sunday Paper distributor make the suggestion. See what happens! Who knows, it might change the world!

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  1. I rarely watch the news or read the news, but on the way out of the house this morning I had the TV on and caught this story about these two WWII vets who were both shot down over Austria, captured by the Nazis and imprisoned (at the same prison!), but never knew what happened to the other person, until 66 years later when they were reunited.