Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Glory Days of Summer

In my life coaching program the summer season represents a time of growth and changes. The rains fall and new seeds grow, trees spread their branches to new heights and the birds seem to sing louder. We are in the middle of the summer - hard to believe July is here already. The birds are still singing, rain is still falling, and the plants are now in full bloom. You can see the changes, smell the changes, and hear the changes.

Ah yes, the glory days of summer!

I have experienced growth and change this summer as well. I have had some rain as well, but all of it has led to new and bigger understand of my world, my hopes, my life.

The glory days of learning about what I can do as well as what I want to do with the coaching business, with my career, with my retirement, with my future have developed into a deeper understanding of who I am. I have reached for the skies and solidified my passion. I know where I am going, what I am doing, and how I will get there.

Summer is such a wonderful time of exploration, learning and growing. Take the time to enjoy the summer!

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