Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raise your Voice without saying a word!

So many times we think that words are the best way of communicating our ideas, feelings, or thoughts. Remember the old saying though - Actions speak louder than words?

I have never understood how people think that talking more or louder is going to lead them to success or change. I also have a hard time understanding how people who raise their voice feel like others are going to listen or change because of it.

To me it is action that speaks the most. Follow through, commitment, hard work, and doing something are true ways to raise your voice.

I would rather watch a 2 minute video of people in action than a ten minute video of someone telling me what they think should be done. I would rather be one of those 2 minute action types rather than a 10 minute talking type. I would rather be part of an action team than a talking team.

So how do we change our words into actions and really raise our voices? It starts with finding your purpose.

Purpose isn't something I want to talk about for hours on end, but I would love to show you what my purpose is by positive action. This blog is an example of action. When I started this blog I didn't want to just talk to talk, I wanted to take action and raise my voice around positive and purposeful living. I wanted to give examples and actions on what this means - to me and to others.

Raise your voice folks. Find the actions that describe what you want to say and what you want others to hear and than speak through them.

Yes, actions definitely speak louder than words.

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