Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Cat Lady Cometh

After 11 days gone, the Cat Lady comes home.

She decided a vacation was needed after many years of giving up her weekends and holidays to care for others this was a well deserved trip. Where do you go when you get 11 days off? Paris? Amsterdam? Copenhagen? How about all three! A wonderful 5 days in Paris, a couple in Amsterdam and the rest with big brother and sister-in-law in Copenhagen! Now that is getting away!

I was put in charge of the children (the cats and dog) while she was gone and I again learned something about myself.

I love animals, I really do. I grew up with dogs and cats and even mice at one time. We fed the birds and played with the rabbits...all of it very good. I just learned though that I don't like a lot of animals or pets when I am by myself! I fear I can't give them everything they need all by myself!

Yes I can feed them and I clean up after them, but being able to take the time for all the loving and petting and playing they need and want is a full time job! They know it and I know it..I did my best but I can see them looking at me saying "you ain't no cat lady"!

Ah how true. I believe tonight will be the best day of the past 12 days for them as the Cat Lady is coming home. I anticipate that the moment she walks through the door there will be complete joy on their parts. Yes it will be time to be fed, but YES because the Cat Lady is home!

Welcome home!

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