Friday, July 9, 2010

Recipe for a Great Day

Title: Great Day

Time to Make: 24 Hours

Servings: 1

Take 12 hours of sunshine and gently mix in outdoor and indoor activities
Mix with 4 glasses of ice cold ice tea.

While waiting for ice tea to chill, watch one lazy dog roll in the shade and a number of lazy cats (to taste) sleep in the sun.

In a separate area complete work projects ahead of schedule and finish projects that were started 2 years ago. Pick fresh beans, peppers, zucchini and raspberries from garden and slowly clean while watching the birds eat.

Next put in a load of laundry and sweep the floor. Make sure the floor is swept well before proceeding.

Now that the ice tea has chilled, drink a large glass while again watching the dog in the shade and cats in the sun. Check emails and work more on other projects needing your attention.

Put clean clothes in dryer and start another load. Grab mop and wood floor cleaner and begin washing the floor. Do this calmly and quietly to not disturb the sleeping cats.

One complete, drink another glass of ice tea and admire the cats ability to sleep through your work.

Take many breaks and enjoy the day.

Now there is a Recipe for a Great Day!

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