Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quiting your Boss?

If any of you followed the link in the comments of the last post it would take you to the top 10 reasons people leave their job. In short all of them were "the management" does or doesn't do something. In short, people don't quit their jobs, their quit their boss!

I can see how this happens and in fact I have been forced to quit jobs because of the boss, not the job. Actually, when I think back about all the jobs I have had I can say that besides maybe two, I have quit the boss.

So, is this part of living a positive and purposeful life? I say it fact it is a large part of living with purpose.

Living with purpose is about understanding not only what you want, but understanding what you will not give up in the way of your values, your attitudes, your beliefs, and your passions.

Leaving a job or leaving a boss isn't about management did or didn't, it's about you clarifying what you will or will not put up with or jeapordize. In the end you find the job and boss that you can believe in and that has similar values, passions, and purpose like you.

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  1. Hey don't scare us like you need a pep talk today?