Thursday, September 30, 2010

This day in 1889

There are some days that go by and we are live the day to the fullest without questioning how the past has made today possible. Today is one of those days.

So what happened in 1889 on September 30th that has made a difference for at least 50% of all Americans? Women were allowed to vote in the state of Wyoming! Wyoming was the first state to grant the right to women. Many followed, but not after many protests and time. It was a new idea and one that many men (and women) didn't agree with. It was not seen as a right, rather a priveledge and privilege was given only to men.

We have come a long way in some areas but still there are so many things out there where it is seen as a privilege rather than a right. Marriage, money, social status, pay...the list goes on and on.

Today i am hopeful that like voting, we can all work towards equality rather than privilege.

I have always said that just because i have a PhD doesn't make me smarter then anyone else. Just because I make a good salary does not mean I have any more rights then the poorest person on earth. Just because I am white does not give me the right to be involved when another can't.

Today in history we are given an example of a changing world. I hope in 121 more years someone will write a blog and say "can you believe that marriage use to be a privilege for only straight people, or can you believe that a law was written that would allow a person to be stopped by a Cop just because of the color of his skin?"

Let's hope it doesn't take 121 years.

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