Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrating America

I don't know if many of you know but this week is Constitutional Week. The week in America History when we celebrate the signing of the United States Constitution. The actual date is September 17th, but there are a number of celebration actitivities planned for the week in Washington D.C.

Well, I am not going to D.C. nor do I live anywhere close to a real historical place, but I am going to find ways this week to celebrate a document that we fight for, die for, and live for.

On Saturday we will be hosting our Annual JALLES Tournament. Every year we pick a new country to celebrate and eat, play, and watch a movie from that country. Last year we celebrated Italy, this year we are celebrating America.

It is always fun for me as I get to learn things about the countries that I never knew. We have trivia contests, some sporting contest, new food recipes, and a movie that talks about the country. Everyone comes and celebrates with us and they leave knowing more, trying some new foods, and celebrating the diversity in the world.

If you have time this week, stop and read an article from the Celebration of the USA Constitution, or actually read the Constitution. I think it adds to our ability to realize our future.

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