Monday, September 20, 2010

Opportunities galore

Every day I am amazed at the opportunities that present themselves. Opportunities galore!

This past week has been flooded with opportunities. New friend attending parties, neighbors getting to buy their own home instead of renting, riding motorcycles with new friends who have one thing in common that is riding, watching he leaves change brilliantly, being amazed at technology...the list goes on and on.

The other amazing thing I have noticed this week is how many people miss the opportunities that DO present themselves every day in so many ways.

This morning I was taking the bus to work and as we made our way downtown I watched the sun rise and the clouds became a brilliant red. Within minutes the sun was behind the clouds and it began to mist. Around the next turn I noticed how the leaves along the lake were beginning to turn a dark amber. It was an opportunity to see nature at it's quietest and it was amazing. While others on the bus slept, read, chatted, or just looked grumpy, I got to enjoy nature.

In a few weeks from now i will have the opportunity to head back to my alma mater for my 25th anniversary. I wasn't going to go, but last night I remembered that it was an opportunity and who am I to give up on an opportunity?

If we don't watch for them or take advantage of them, opportunities are gone as quickly as they appeared. What opportunities do you see for your week? Are you willing to take ahold of them and participate?

Opportunities galore. Don't let them pass by.

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