Friday, September 24, 2010

First day of Fall

I know it was yesterday, but I had to write about my Mother yesterday, so today we chat about the Fall Season.
It is here and if you live in Minnesota it feels, looks, smells, and tastes like Fall.
After record rains yesterday (some places in southern MN over 10 inches)today we get the wind. The temperature went from 73 last night to 50 this morning - it feels like Fall.
The leaves on the trees in the front yard are falling like raindrops and slowly the green grass is covered with brown, yellow, and orange leaves - it looks like Fall.
There really is a different aroma in the air when Fall hits. It is one of the Seasons that really has an aroma. Spring after the first rain shower and Fall after a long rain and the wind begins to dry out the leaves - it smells like Fall.
Everything I see lately on cooking or baking shows have ingredients like pumpkin, squash, freshly dug red potatoes – it tastes like Fall.
When I started my coaching business I really wanted to have something people could identify with so the name Four Seasons Coaching came to be. I really believe that our persons are just like the seasons. Grow, change, explore, hibernate, grow…on and on.
I like to take the moments around the changing seasons to sit and reflect on the past season of my life, the current season, and looking forward into the future season. It keeps me looking at how I can improve my attitudes, thoughts, actions, and behaviors – it is like Fall.
As you watch the leaves begin to turn and fall this weekend and smell the aroma of drying leaves, remember to reflect on your summer. All that you did, thought, and grew in. It will amaze you.

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