Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy should not be limited to an Hour!

Happy should not be limited to an Hour was a sign I saw this weekend in a bar/restaurant I went to and it got me thinking. Yes, me thinking...stop the presses!

Of course the sign was because of the "Happy Hour" idea for bars, but how many of us say "I will be happy once work is done" or "I will be happy when the weekend is here". Why is happy limited to after something or when something happens? Why can't we have a 24 hour happy hour? What makes us not like so many hours of our days that we actually have to think about a "Happy Hour"?

I guess it just got me thinking about how many times I find myself not liking work or an activity or event and think to myself "I can't wait until this is done so I can be 'happy'"! Hum...what if I tried to find ways to be happy while in the moment? There is nothing so bad or crazy at work, an activity or event that I can't find at least something to be happy about.

Doing a spreadsheet that makes sense, or meeting up with an old friend, learning a tidbit about someone would think there would be a least a little happy in every hour!

So, this is my challenge this week to myself. No matter what I am doing or where I am going, I am going to find something to be happy about every hour. That means reflecting on what happens during a day and finding one good and positive outcome. I may be exhausted by the end of the week after this challenge, but I want to see what happens.

 Anyone want to join the challenge?

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