Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If you never ask, you never receive!

During this time of the year there seems to be an increase in phone calls and emails asking for donations for food, toys, gifts, or time. There are ads on TV and Red Kettle Bell Ringers on every street corner. It is easy to find a worthy cause to give too. These agencies put themselves out there and ask for help. They ask because they know that if they don't ask they will never receive!

A friend of mine decided to adopt a family for Christmas. She has a list of things they needed from furniture to toys. The family had nothing and needed basic things.

Now, my friend could have tried to find all of the things by herself and in fact she did have a number of items, but then an email came "I need your help!"

Within a matter of hours there were 20 - 30 people working on finding all the things on the list. Working angles and leads to find bunk beds and winter boats. Going to clothing stores, picking up groceries, and searching classified ads to make sure everything on the list was covered!

People on the original email sent it to others and all of a sudden new dolls and blankets were arriving. Children's Books and baby clothes came by the box load! All because one person asked for help!

During the holiday season it is always easy to find a way to give back, to answer the call of a friend asking for help. Maybe you have a need? Maybe you know of someone who has a need? What will you do? Will you try and take care of it all yourself, or will you ask?

If you never ask, you will never receive!

What is your need? What is your wish? What is your dream? Ask and you shall receive!

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