Sunday, November 28, 2010

To Find or Create?

It has been fun writing this blog as so many of you have given me ideas to write about. It isn't the ideas that excites me as much as having kindred spirits paying attention to people, places, signs, and the world around them.

Yesterday I got a picture of a saying, from my brother, that read:
Life isn't about Finding yourself. Life is about Creating yourself!

I cannot count the times I have heard "I need to find myself" or "I need to leave to find myself" or "If only I could find myself"!

People spend so much time and money trying to find themselves it can get pretty crazy. Like they are lost or something. They spend so much time trying to 'find' themselves they forget to love, to create, to live.

If you want to find yourself, look in a mirror. You are right there and congratulations you have found yourself! Now, the fun part comes--creating!

What does creating yourself mean? It means to become the person you want to be. It means to live the life you dream about. It means to do the things that you imagine yourself doing. No excuses, no limits and no mirrors! Creating ourselves starts with understanding your goals and your passions and putting them to action!

You can wander around trying to find yourself, or you can look in the mirror and began to create the real you!

What is your creative plan for yourself? What do you dream about? What do you imagine yourself being? What does your heart say?

Life is about creating yourself. Every day, every interaction, every job, every thought, every dream, and every action. Begin again and Create! Create Yourself!

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