Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 3 November 14-Churchill or Bust

Churchill or Bust!

Today is the day we get on board. After breakfast at The Pancake plac again we packed up and off we went. Mom drove the car around and we loaded the bags to drive a block to the train. It was easier then trying to pull suitcases over cobblestone roads. Mom went and parked the car again and once back we checked our luggage.

It is interesting seeing the types of people who go on trips like this. Mostly older, retired, but 2 families with kids as well. Some of the older couples look the outdoorsy part with the hicking boots and coats with Park patches sewn on. Others look like they should be going to the theater with mink coats and high heeled boots. It will be interesting to see them when we grt up there.

I didn't see the train come in, but at high noon the attendent comes on the speaker and says "Your train is ready"! The doors open and the escalator takes you up one floor to the train. The sleeper car is in the back of the train, then the dining cars, then two economy class coach cars and finally the engine. I counted 7 cars total, but will recount when we stop.

Seconds after we got to our seats, which is where ever you want to sit, the train man comes by and collects your ticket and the train begins to move!

It goes faster then I thought it would and within the hour we are pullung into the first town, Portage, but no one gets on. Still no snow on the ground, but I. am pretty sure that will change. Dad wants to check out the dining car so I go with him and we see the guy who took our tickets. Dad asks if they have coffee or beer and the guy says "tell me what you want and I can get it" . Not mister nice guy so that is two bad. Dad gets a Canadian Molten Beer and I grab a cup of coffee. $2 for coffee and $6 for a beer. we sit down in the dining car and there is a Mom and son sitting across the aisle. He is writing a journal of his trip and his Mom said "you should interview people on the train and find out where they are from?" You could see the kid was not really into talking to people. he didn't know so I said "Hi, I am Janice and I am from Minneapolis, MN and I am writijg a journal as well". He smiled and wrote down Minneapolis and then Dad said " and I am from McIntosh" and. he wrote that down.  I am sure we will see him again as it is a small train and lots of hours.

2:38pm We finally see snow! Not much of it, but a little in the endless field.  Cows galore as well and a few more trees. We are heading more north now and ere are more and more trees here. The water in the ditches is frozen and the fields are no longer plowed as much. Strange sight to see are bird houses along the tracks. Blue ones and then a red one. Not sure what they are out here for. All the roads now look to be gravel where as in Portage most were paved. Still houses with cattle every where. Talk about living with no neighbors.

our first officialstop is Dauphin, MB. It lookslikea goodsizetown so everyone got off and either had a smokeorwalkedaround the train station which is now a museum. the sun is set so it will be dark soon. Dad wants to get something to eat and my Mom is playing Solitaire. not sure how long the train will stay here. They start serving dinner, aka supper, at 5pm so I would guess we will be eating soon. 

email is working pretty good but the mapping apps are not picking up exactly where we are at. we are right here so not a problem. 

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